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Create your second character and start a new life


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The first time you run Second Life, you automatically remember The Sims and its different versions, however, Second Life goes further than The Sims.

Second Life will become your second universe, your virtual universe where you will place your own 3D model and begin a new parallel life, as the name of the game fairly says.

We won't find incredible creatures or orchs in this online game unlike we usually do when we play online. This time we will find a parallel society very similar to real life: gaming, business, culture and, of course, sex.

Well, there are some differences from the reality, now you will be able to fly and modify yourself with just a few clicks.

Second Life is a revolution. Lots of enterprises are going into Second Life universe, millions of people create their character and play daily, do business and more.

Download Second Life, create your account and start your new Second Life. Maybe in that life you could be better or buy a house.